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What Makes Priority Bible Studies Unique

They’re Bible-based
With Priority studies, you won’t find motivational speeches that are conveniently sprinkled with Bible verses. You’ll find Bible-based lessons developed from inductive Bible study. You’ll get into the Word of God yourself, and discover His truths.

Women love them
Over 35,000 women have participated in a Priority Bible study, and many women who participate in one study end up coming back for more. After completing a Priority Bible study, women feel equipped to embrace God’s best for their lives.

They’re affordable
Whether you’re ordering for yourself, your home Bible study group, or your entire women’s ministry, Priority studies are priced with you in mind. Two of our studies even offer free online videos!

They’re practical
When you participate in a Priority Bible study, you won’t get theoretical tips that are impossible to incorporate into real life. Instead, you’ll walk away with practical, realistic truths that you can apply to your life today.

Our Leader Guides save time & money
There’s no need to purchase multiple Leader Guides, even if you’re working with several small group leaders. When you order a CD-ROM Leader Guide (or receive it FREE with your Leader Set), you can save it and share it with every small group leader on your team.

You can order a la carte
While we do offer discounted Leader Sets for those who need them, all of our products are also sold separately, so you only have to order what you need.

You won’t forget Laurie Cole
Women find Laurie’s sweet, southern drawl as refreshing as a glass of sweet tea! Her style is personal without being preachy, and convicting but full of grace. Laurie’s vulnerability mixes real life with God’s Word in a way that draws women closer to God, and closer to His purpose for their lives.